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firewall software

ZoneAlarm by Check Point

The award winning software from ZoneAlarm is installed at over 60 million PCs worldwide. It is a firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing, identity theft protection software all in one package.

firewall anti spyware anti virus antispam security protection detection virus spyware spam

clearzone software

ClearZone by Brady & Associates, LLC.

ClearZone Report Utility for ZoneAlarm will allow you to analyze the ZoneAlarm log file and alert ISPs of malicious activity. It provides an easy to use interface that will quickly allow you to determine the level of threat towards your computer.

clearzone firewalls personal firewall security hacker network clearzone report tool pro version 6 3

firewall software

AlertWall Personal Firewall by A1Tech, Inc.

Prevent hackers from destroying your computer and block spyware from sending critical information out to the internet. AlertWall protects you from Spyware, Trojan Horse Viruses, and hackers. Alertwall learns how you use your computer.

firewall trojan horse privacy zone alarm alert personal hackers virus block personal firewall prevents hackers viruses outside threats attacking

ad software

AdsNoMore by Advantix Software, Inc.

AdsNoMore is a pop-up stopper and banner ad blocker designed to eliminate all of the ads that disrupt your online experience. AdsNoMore will stop adware and spyware pop-ups, web popups, and block banners which will result in faster web browsing.

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vpn software

iPIG Secure Access VPN Server by IM Scripting Web Testing and Data Extraction

Set up a VPN server in less than 1 minute. Free client software. iPig creates a secure "tunnel" that protects your inbound and outbound communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.) at any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network.

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