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computer puzzle software

Puzzle Pack 6 by The Bargain Monkey

Puzzle Pack 6 features photo's of animals in a zoo environment, nicely done puzzles with beautiful shots.

computer puzzle free puzzle puzzles download puzzles puzzle pack 6 features photos animals zoo environment

base software

Baseconv by RWSoftware

Convert programming formats on the fly. This innovative program will quickly convert your number between any base with a minimum of effort.

base hex binary decimal-conversion calculator convert programming formats fly

paper software

Single Source by Silvawood Software

Easily converts paper documentation, particularly for a program, into Windows help and HTML. Creates "What?s This?" help, MAP file (for linking to a program), Contents file, Related Topics lists, and hypertext links. Requires MS Word & Help Compiler.

paper help conversion manuals user guide word convert single source document html documentation application program easily converts paper documentation windows help html

spades software

Hardwood Spades by Silver Creek Entertainment

Get whisked away from ordinary spades. Play Hardwood Spades with it's addicting gameplay , gorgeous imagery and an charming feel. Grab your friends and play online, meet new people or just play by yourself. Free to tryout!

spades cards game card game hardwood silver creek entertainment play fun graphics online internet on-line multiplayer fantasy medieval magic 3d classic music dragon fairy zombie custom player character

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