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j80 software

J80 by Bytechnology

J80 is one Z80 Emulator written in JAVA with included a standard BIOS for complete Microcomputer with working CP/M 2.2, CP/M 3.0 and one simple ZX Spectrum 48/128K emulator.

j80 z80 java emulator

jetpack software

Jetpack Dinosaur by Binary People

Eat the cookies, and watch out the the mad scientists in this retro classsic... If you ever had a ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 you've gotta try this gem and if that's a little too long ago for you, try it anyway it's great fun for all the family.

jetpack dinosaur retro eat cookies watch the mad scientists retro classsic

boulder dash software

Boulder Dash. Episode II: Jive-n-Cave by ZX Games

Boulder Dash. Episode II: Jive-n-Cave. The game features 96 new levels, 4 different background music themes and now comes with varying color palettes. Animation, music, sound effects and programming all done by professionals. Download free trial.

boulder dash boulder dash remake boulder dash clone arcade game classic arcade old games zx spectrum

lode runner software

Lode Runner. Episode I: Classicwards by ZX Games

Lode Runner. Episode I: Classicwards. Remake of classic arcade game. 75 levels + level editor. Infinite lives, quick save & load, level browser, full-screen & window modes. This is just the first episode. There are more to come!

lode runner lode runner remake loderunner loderunner remake classic arcade game old games zx spectrum

puzznic software

Puzznic by ZX Games

Redeveloped version of the 80s top-seller. Move elements with the same symbol together, watch out for gravity. 150 levels of relaxing entertainment. No time limits. Full mouse control.

puzznic puzztrix puzzle puzznic remake logic game classic puzzle old games zx spectrum tetris sokoban

freeware software

StackUp by RF1 Systems

Stackup is a cool game that include Columns, StackUp and Tetris. 100 best scores saved for each game. Background music included. Background sounds from original ZX Spectrum. Select between Windowed (1024x768) and Full Screen mode.

freeware stackup columns download game games tetris free game free game download

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