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art html listing software

Art HTML Listing by ZZEE

Art HTML Listing creates filtered, sorted, fully customizable [via editable templates] directory listings in HTML or XML. Linear or tree mode. Media types, icon images and download time support. Recursive processing and command line mode.

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advanced html toc software

Advanced HTML TOC by ZZEE

Create table of contents (TOC) of HTML files from header tags. - Link TOC items to header tags. - Single or multiple files. - User sets range of header tags used. - Can process numbering (like "1.20.4."). - TOC appearance is template-based.

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forgotten ftp password software

Forgotten FTP Password by ZZEE

Recover forgotten FTP passwords stored in any FTP client program. Forgotten FTP Password emulates FTP server and captures the password, which then is displayed to the user. The program supports any client FTP software: CuteFTP, WS FTP, etc.

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forgotten mailbox password software

Forgotten Mailbox Password by ZZEE

Recover forgotten mailbox passwords that are stored in the email client. Program emulates POP3 server and password is sent back to the user. It supports any POP3 email client, that stores the passwords.

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1st email ant-virus software

1st Email Anti-Virus by ZZEE

1st Email Anti-Virus is the only security program that protects from all email threats. Other generic antivirus programs and setting most secure options in email client software can't provide the same level of protection as 1EAV.

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ftp software

WebMaster FTP by ZZEE

FTP program designed for webmasters whose sites are on UNIX-like hosts. It has some unique features like automatic setting of the correct file permissions, Explorer-style left folder tree, UNIX special file support and more.

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art software

Art Directory Print by ZZEE

The program prints directory, CD or DVD listings or saves them as HTML files. It adds itself to Windows Explorer context menu and allows printing with just 3 clicks. Easy to use. Fully customizable. Flat or recursive stats, monitor disk quotas.

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