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Are you making a presentation and want some promotional text to scroll across your desktop that will always be visible? Not a problem. This desktop ticker no only allows you to scroll a text message across your screen, but also scrolls hyperlinks that are clickable. Just install this software on a computer at a trade show, define your message headlines and corresponding URLs and visitors will be able to click on a headline and read more about your product or service. The tool is fully customizable, you can define the appearance of the scrolling message, such as foreground and background colors, positioning, scrolling speed and font type and style.

Price: $19.95
Version: 2.05
: November 16th, 2012

Software Size: 534 KB 
Works on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit versions.

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Presentation Ticker Help 

What can I use Presentation Ticker for? First of all you may use it just to display scrolling text. The beauty is that this ticker docks to the top or the bottom of your screen and does not allow other applications to cover that portion of the screen. So you may give a PowerPoint presentation and leave Presentation Ticker running showing a text message, complimenting your presentation.

Other possibility: you run an unattended computer with promotional materials about your product or service at a trade show. You may want to give people an opportunity to read further about many products that you offer. However, you can not fit all info on one screen. By creating a clickable scrolling text message you may better utilize desktop screen space and give visitors an opportunity to browse further on to your website to read more about a product or a service they may be interested in.

How do I change the appearance of the ticker?

Click "Controls" label in the right corner of the ticker, or right-click on the scrolling line and select "Preferences". This will bring up a control dialog. General Settings tab allows you to change scrolling speed, show or hide the controls label on the right side and select text and background colors and font type.

Change appearance

How do I change the headlines text?

Click on the "Scrolling Text" Tab. At this dialog you may specify as many messages as you wish including the leading hyperlink

Set custom messages

How do I quit Presentation Ticker?

You may click on a small "X" sign on the control label at the right side of the ticker, or right click on the scrolling line and select "Exit" from popup menu

How do I change Presentation Ticker screen position?

Right click on the scrolling line. This will bring up a popup menu. Select "Align", then "Top" or "Bottom". This action will dock Presentation Ticker to the top or the bottom of your screen.


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